Schumann in Zerbst and Calvörde

translated by Ingrid Seliger, January 2014


Family Schumann

Calvörde is a place, situated in the northwest of Haldensleben and is today a community in the county of Börde in Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxonia-Anhalt).

In 1882 my great-grandfather Friedrich Paul Schumann was born in Calvörde. His father Otto August Friedrich Schumann was born in 1856 and married Dorothea Wienecke. The branch of the family can be traced back up to Johann August Schumann, who married three times during the years 1828 to 1848 and was called a cooper of Calvörde.

For a long time I did not know, where Johann August Schumann came from, and I could find out nothing from the church records. Many years later a visit in the “Niedersächsisches Staatsarchiv” (Public record office of Niedersachsen-Nether Saxonia) in Wolfenbüttel brought certainty. Looking through the Steuerkataster (register of taxes) of Calvörde I became clear.

Zerbst is the place of origin of my Schumann ancestors.

I found out by mail, that the needed church records could be found at the relevant churches of St. Nicolai and St. Trinitatis. On my visit in Zerbst I was very well supported by the employees of the church office.

The results of my Schumann research you can find in the data base. I would be pleased to collect more dates of my ancestors by contacts to other researchers in Zerbst.

I was impressed by the town of Zerbst and its history of 1000 years. In the following you find interesting links to the field of research.