Family Heinrich Holz and Josephine Lammerding Holz

Heinrich Holz and Josephine Lammerding Holz with children in the year 1915

and grandfather Wilhelm Holz on the left 

 Osterwick,  Dorf Nr. 140


I was able to take over the extensive genealogy of the Holz family, which has its origin in Coesfeld-Harle, of my cousin Martin Holz from Osterwick. The history of this family is in detail described in his book  “Elsen - Geschichte einer Straße und Nachbarschaft in Rosendahl-Osterwick“,  compiled by Norbert Henkelmann, see also www.martin-holz.de/buch.htm.

I have worked up the verified individual datas of the generations in my database. On the following pages I make these datas available in a list of descendants up to the 9th generation, starting with Johan Holthus born about 1610.

The researches of Anna Maria Josephine Lammerding Holz initially led to Billerbeck. I was able to connect my previously explored beginnings of the family with the datas of the pedigrees and genealogical informations in gedbas, which are evaluated and published by Rotraud Ilisch and Josef Häming. I am very pleased to trace back the line now up to 1665; it leads from Billerbeck via Nienberge to the farm Schlotman (Sloitman), now Schlautmann in Greven-Wentrup.

I am looking forward to exchange with and get informations of other descendants of this family.