Lenz in districts of Börde- and Ohrekreis and Altmarkkreis Salzwedel

Family Len(t)z

Walter Lenz from Bülstringen already researched the ancestors of the Lenz family in 1935 with their place of origin Klüden (Clüden). Klüden is now a district of the municipality Calvörde in the district of Börde and belonged to the parish of Roxförde.

I refer in this context to the informative publication "Zur Geschichte von Kirchspiel und Dorf Roxförde von den Anfängen bis 1850"  by Reinhild Kretzschmann, Ev. Pfarramt Letzlingen-Roxförde.

My ancestor Johann Christoph Lenz (born 1849 in Klüden)  married Dorothee Elisabeth Michaelis from Dorst and settled in Uthmöden.

He had the following brothers:

Joachim Friedrich Lenz    born 1842

Joachim August    Lenz    born 1844

Johann Christian   Lenz    born 1845 he lived in Gardelegen

Johann Heinrich    Lenz    born 1848 he lived in Wieglitz (now it is part of the municipality Bülstringen)

Johann Gottlieb     Lenz    born 1852 he lived in Althaldensleben

 Family tree


Walter Lenz painted his results in this family tree “Stammtafel des Geschlechtes Lenz”.



I really appreciated my uncle. Therefore, I have continued extensively his research.

The Lenz line starts around 1600 in Ziepel  (now part of Gardelegen). The family performed in Ziepel they duty as “Schulze” (=mayor) over several generations.

The oldest ancestor in Ziepel “Joachim Lenzen” was expressly mentioned in 1639 by Magister (Master) Theodor Rieseberg (1593-1666), at that time parish priest at Weteritz and in charge for Ziepel, for advising and supporting him in setting up the parish registry. Theodor Rieseberg is a descendent of Bartholomäus Rieseberg, a disciple of Luther and known as the reformer of the Altmark region.  (Source: „Ueber die Altmark: Ein Beitrag zur Kunde der Mark Brandenburg, Band 2“, Page 269, Heinrich Christoph Steinhart, 1802)

I wanted to know more about the family and to overcome deadlocks. Therefore, I researched the following side lines for example: Kam(e)rath (Wannefeld) Lem(b)ke (Klüden and Roxförde), Böfing and List (Klüden), Görges and Frantz (Zobbenitz) and the hatmaker family Weithäuser in Magdeburg und Neuhaldensleben.

If you have information on the separate family lines, please contact me.