"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards"

Sören Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher  


Heartily welcome to my Homepage.


family treeSince about 20 years, genealogy became my hobby. What was my motivation to search for my ancestors? On the one hand it was to find out my roots. On the other hand it was my wish to learn more about the history of my own family and to understand the past. During the past years I found out some interesting news about my ancestors, met many persons und talked to them and learnt to know "new relatives".  

It is always fascinating, how long forgotten times come to life again by family research.  

Besides the research of my own ancestors of Nether Silesia and the middle part of Germany, I am also interested in the ancestors of my husband, who came from Westphalia region Münsterland  (Osterwick, Coesfeld, Billerbeck),  especially in the descendants and emigrants of the farm "Haerhof" (Harhof) at Recke. 

To enlarge the results of my research I am glad to come in contact to descendants, unknown remoted relatives as well as people, who have the same surname as the families, here mentioned. On the following pages I will represent my researches in detail. There you can find a data base of all the persons, I yet collected.  

I am grateful to all the people who up to now contributed to my collection of informations.  

I am member of the following genealogical societies:   Forschungsgruppe Grafschaft Glatz (FGG), Arbeitsgemeinschaft Genealogie Magdeburg (AGGM), Westfälische Gesellschaft für Genealogie und Familienforschung (WGGF). Verein für Computergenealogie (COMPGEN).

By and by I shall update this homepage.  

I heartily invite you to visit my pages and shall be glad to find new contacts. 


Ursula Holz

         translated by Ingrid Seliger, January 2014