Family Adolf Birke                  Maria Birke and Carl Löffler                 


translated by Ingrid Seliger, January 2014


You can proove the existence of the Birke (Bürke) family in Rudelsdorf/Tuntschendorf in the years about 1780 to 1930.

Tuntschendorf is situated in the North East of Wünschelburg and on the border in the direction to the Bohemian town of Braunau. My eldest ancestor is Anton Bürke, farmer and cantor of the church in Tuntschendorf.

By chance I got a family tree which was compiled by Paul Schubert and mainly registers the descendents of Anton Birke (born december, 13th, 1858).

It would be nice to come in contact to the descendents of the different branches of the family.

My researches up to now can be selected in the data base.

If there are questions about the family Maria Birke and Josep Neumann I refer to the page