Grafschaft Glatz





Königswalde (Swierki) in 2001


translated by Ingrid Seliger, January 2014   


Researches in the County of Glatz / Silesia

The ancestors of my mother’s side came from the County of Glatz in Nether Silesia. There I research mainly for the following surnames in the places Königswalde, Ludwigsdorf, Eule, Krainsdorf, Neurode, Seifersdorf, Niedersteine, Rudelsdorf, Tuntschendorf:


of which I refer in the following pages.

Datas I got from the “Ahnenpass” (a document, which registered the first generations of ancestors, transl.) and also from the filmed church records of the Mormon church and so I could compile a long list of ancestors. I give my thanks especially to the employees of the genealogic research office in Hamm, Bockum-Hövel.

Special informations to the research fields can you find here: