farm Basler on the Spitzberg in Königswalde


My great-grandfather Ernst Basler and his ancestors were at home in Seifersdorf. The place is in the district of Wünschelburg in the area of Glatz and belongs to the parish of Niedersteine.

On november, 19th, 1882 he married Anna Richter from Schönau (area of Braunau, Bohemia) in Königswalde and lived with his family (8 children) on the Spitzberg in Königswalde.


 Ernst Basler and Anna Richter with daughter Klara                   






The surname Basler obviously stands for the place of origin which points to the town of Basel in Switzerland. There you find many people of this surname in the canton of Aargau, which is neighbouring the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Also in the county of Ortenau (Germany, Baden) the name is common.

The name Basler is not mentioned in the “Glatzer Steuer-Rolle” (tax register of Glatz) of 1653. It is unknown whether the family came to the County of Glatz by the German East colonisation or later. I would be glad to come in exchange with other researchers of the name Basler.

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